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    Many times I have walked through the milk aisle in the store and I have passed the Silk Brand milk in the store. I've never known much about it, but I did know the milk cartoon was very eye catching! I was very glad when I was contacted to do a review on Silk Pure Almond so I could try out this new product. I'm very excited to share Silk Pure Almond with you after reviewing this great product!


  It doesn’t take much to get from whole, natural almonds to Silk Pure Almond™ milk. Each glass provides an excellent source of natural antioxidants, and as much calcium and vitamin D as dairy milk, with absolutely no cholesterol, saturated fat, dairy or soy. Best of all, a serving of Silk Pure Almond Original almondmilk is only 60 calories, and a delicious glass of Vanilla is just 90.

   What makes almondmilk Silk Pure Almond so healthy? For starters, it’s the almonds. Every little nut is a perfectly packaged powerhouse of natural antioxidants and more. In fact, we like to think of almonds as Nature’s Perfect Nutrition – and that’s where our almondmilk begins.

   Almonds are recognized by health professionals as a nutritious addition to a healthy diet. A serving of almonds provides an excellent source of vitamin E (a natural antioxidant), and a good source of protein and fiber. In fact, almonds are higher in protein and fiber than any other tree nut. Plus, they're naturally low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free.

About Antioxidants:

   We've all heard a lot about the benefits of antioxidants – and Silk Pure Almond™ milk is a great way to get more of these healthy must-haves into your everyday routine.

   Antioxidants are beneficial components that occur naturally in many whole foods including nuts, fruits, vegetables and soy. Health and nutrition pros agree that a diet rich in antioxidants can help you look, feel and live your best.

    But how, exactly, do antioxidants work? Bear with us for a little bit of science: “Oxidation” is a chemical reaction that accompanies many normal processes in the body. When oxidation occurs, it releases potentially harmful molecules known as “free radicals.” Excessive free radical production is thought to cause “oxidative damage”; a phenomenon that may contribute to aging and a number of chronic health problems including cancer and cardiovascular disease. A growing body of research indicates that consuming foods with antioxidant properties may help combat free radicals and protect against oxidative damage, supporting overall good health. Best of all, foods rich in natural antioxidants – like fruits and veggies and many nuts – tend to be great for you in other ways, too.

    Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that has been studied for its role in supporting normal heart and brain function, as well as promoting a healthy complexion. Each serving of Silk Pure Almond provides an impressive 50% of the recommended daily value of this essential nutrient. To make sure your diet includes the full spectrum of beneficial antioxidants, pile on plenty of colorful produce in addition to healthy staples like almondmilk.

Benefits of Almonds: 

New to nuts? Not to worry. Almondmilk really can go everywhere:

   · Splash almondmilk on your favorite cereal. Good morning, antioxidants!

    · Have you tried an almondmilk latte? Prepare to get hooked.

    · Whirl up a smoothie with Silk Pure Almond and your favorite fruit. (Throw in a handful of crushed almonds if you’re feeling extra nutty.)

    · Almondmilk cooks and bakes to perfection, and can be substituted for milk in many recipes. Discover soups, cakes, muffins and more – with fewer calories than you’d think.

    I will admit I was very skeptical of trying out this product at first. I am skeptical no more after trying this amazing new product!

    Many of the Silk cartons at the store were gone so I knew this milk had to be a hit. The lady at the cash register even asked me if I had tried this milk out before and it was unfortunate I hadn't tried it out before to tell her "I love it"!

    I guzzled a very small glass of Silk Pure Almond Original milk when I returned home from the store. I was real impressed with the light almond taste to it. I love almonds so this drink was great for me. I loved it so much I poured another glass of it to drink!

    The next day, I was anticipating trying Silk Pure Almond milk with my cereal. I had some peanut butter cereal and this milk just gave it an added kick to it! It was so yummy. I even drank all the left over milk when my cereal was gone! I don't usually like to do that either so you must now know how much I loved this milk!

    I also had a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of Silk Pure Almond milk one day. It was tasty and cured my thirst while eating my cookie! I never have a glass of milk with my cookies because milk doesn't like me. It was refreshing to have Silk Pure Almond milk along with my chocolate chip cookie! I now have a new friend when I eat my cookies!

    The added bonus for me that I loved was that their aren't many calories and their is no dairy in this milk! Paul even tried the Silk Pure Almond out and enjoyed it with his cereal. His comment about it was that it seems to be a thinner consistency than regular milk.

The Silk Pure Almond is a new winner at our house!

Try it out yourself! Sign up for a $.75 off coupon by visiting Silk Pure Almond.
I recommend Silk Pure Almond to you!

BUY IT! Visit Silk Pure Almond to see where you can purchase this product from!
Thanks to Silk Pure Almond, one of my lucky readers will win a free coupon to try out Silk Pure Almond and a Silk Pure Almond branded ChicoBag.

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I received free coupons for Silk Pure Almond in order to do an honest review. All opinions are my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this review. Many thanks to Silk for letting me review and giveaway this great product!

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