The Daisy Patch Etsy Shop Giveaway Coming Soon

5:36 PM

    The beginning of this year I was able to do a review and giveaway on an Etsy shop called Daisy Doodle Beads that made Interchangeable Watches! I fell in love right off seeing these watches and I was super excited to try out these watches! I have loved my watch so much that I picked out! It's a beautiful way to wear a watch and it's the newest product out there! I have seen so many people wearing these kind of watches lately!

      Daisy Doodle Beads has changed the etsy shop name since I did a review on their shop and they are NOW known as The Daisy Patch. This new name will bring more excitement. The shop will be adding new items and will have more products than just watches! The shop will carry necklaces, crocheted hats and bows.

     I am happy to announce that I am having another giveaway for The Daisy Patch that will be coming very soon! Keep an eye out for it because you won't want to miss out on the chance to win an Interchangeable Beaded Watch!


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