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    I was really excited when I found out that Simple Green was letting me review their wonderful new Natural products! I was even more excited when my box full of their products arrived! I knew that my home would be clean in no time with the many different products that were sent to me!

    Many products on the market today contain harsh chemicals which can harm you and your family! I was happy to find out that Simple Green products DO NOT contain ammonia, bleach, citrus oil, and petroleum distillates. They are also non toxic! That says alot about the Simple Green products!

The History of Simple Green
(from the Simple Green Website)

"Our Mission: “We, the Sunshine Makers, as a socially responsible company, are committed to being worldwide market leaders providing quality, environmentally safe, cleaning products.”

The Simple Green® story began over thirty years ago, long before “environmentally friendly” products were mandated by law. Bruce FaBrizio and his father developed a safer alternative to the toxic cleaners then being used to remove tannic acid, a by-product of coffee roasting, from roasting machinery. It took three years to perfect the biodegradable, not-toxic, non-flammable, non-abrasive formula. After its initial success, Bruce began selling Simple Green to automotive and industrial customers in 55-gallon drums; which he delivered in his van, for use as a cleaner on equipment and floors. "

    I'm use to cleaning with cleaners that are so strong in smell that you can just tell they aren't good for you to inhale! I also have thought many times that these products aren't good for my curious animals to be around! Thanks to Simple Green, I don't have to worry about this problem anymore.

    Simple Green has come out with a new line of products! I love that they are called Natural because that word says it all!

About the Simple Green Naturals
(from the Simple Green Website)

Simple Green Naturals are 100% naturally derived, with ingredients originating from nature: chicory, coconut, corn, palm, naturally occurring minerals, salt and sugar, and water. Nothing else.

Naturals are safer, effective products that offer:

• 100% natural ingredient sources

• Non-toxic formulations

• Biodegradable formulations

 • No animal testing

• Full ingredient disclosure

• International scientifically-accepted ingredient names

• Naturals scents are IFRA compliant and made of 100% natural essential oils & plant extracts.

• 100% recyclable PETE plastic bottles with 25%+ post-consumer content, printed with soy inks

• Natural Versus Naturally Derived

Simple Green was generous on letting me review these products:

- Simple Green Naturals Floor Care-  This product is good for wood or laminate floors. You spray, mop, or wipe onto hard floor surface. The scent of this product is the sparkling spruce! It has a strong smell, but it's smell is natural! This scent makes you feel like you are outside in the woods. I don't have wood or laminate floors so I just tried in on my tile. It seems to work really well even for tile.

- 2 Simple Green Stainless Steel One-Step Cleaner and Polish- This product is great for removing finger prints, water spots, streaks and food and grease marks! It also provides an anti-static surface that will resist water and finger marks. I used the Stainless Steel One-Step Cleaner and Polish on my kitchen sink. I hadn't seen my sink look so shiny and clean for a long time! It was as simple as spraying and wiping! I also think it's cool that on the front of the bottle it has a nozzle where you pull it out and it helps the product foam. I have never seen a product like that before so I thought it was impressive!

- Simple Green Naturals Carpet Care- This product helps remove gross soil from your carpet! You simply spray this product on a stain and you let it penetrate the stain for several minutes.  Then you gently rub or blot the spot! The scent of this product is clean and clear. It has a light smell to it and I could barely smell it! I had a dirt stain on a carpet rug near my front door. It's been there for quite some time. It has bothered me, but I never thought about cleaning it! I was happy to try out the Carpet Care on that pesky stain. I used the product as instructed and I was happy to see the dirt stain gone! I was also impressed that it didn't change the color of the carpet! I'm always scared to use products on my carpet because I'm not sure if I trust the cleaners! It's great to know that this carpet cleaner will not change the color of your carpet and Simple Green is a company you can trust!

- Simple Green Naturals Glass and Surface Care-  This product you use by spraying, wiping and drying! This product also did have the foam feature on the bottle and it had the scent of rosemary mint. I loved the Glass and Surface Cleaner. It cleaned my mirrors so well and left no streaks or anything behind! My mirrors looked wonderfully clean! !

- Simple Green Naturals Bathroom Cleaner- The bathroom cleaner works best by spraying, mopping, or wiping hard surface. You can scrub it if necessary. This cleaner has the rosemary mint scent. This scent was wonderful to clean with and Paul even said he liked this smell! It cleaned very well and I love that cleaning the bathroom doesn't mean you have to have strong chemicals! I'm use to cleaning the bathroom and it smelling so strong with chemicals!

- Simple Green Naturals Multi-Surface Care- This cleaner works well on counters, walls, sinks, and other washable hard surfaces. It is like the other cleaners where you spray and wipe! I love the Multi-Surface Care cleaner because you can use it on many different surfaces! I did use it on my walls. My cats rub against my wall edges to rub there face. It gets really dirty and I was glad to see that this cleaner worked well by removing the dirty spots off of my wall! I loved the smell of this cleaner which was the Lemon Verbena. This cleaner also has the foam feature on it.

- Simple Green Naturals Dish Washing Liquid- I loved the dish washing liquid. The smell was sensational with being the fresh squeezed citrus smell! I love dish liquid that smells with citrus scents! This cleaner foamed well and cleaned really well. I am very happy to use this cleaner knowing it's not toxic on dishes I eat off of!

- Simple Green Naturals Dilutable Concentrated Cleaner- The Dilutable Concentrated Cleaner worked well on my tile floors! It smelled wonderful with a natural citrus mint smell while mopping the floor! I really LOVED the smell so much! This cleaner was as easy as putting some of this cleaner in with water and then mop away! It cleaned really well and the smell was an added bonus!

- Simple Green Naturals Liquid Hand Soap- The liquid hand soup was wonderful to use and it smelled great! It has a herb garden scent! I love that the bottle seemed bigger than regular hand soap bottles!
- 2 Simple Green Heavy Duty BBQ and Grill Cleaner- I wasn't able to use this cleaner, but I really look forward to using this cleaner. I'm sure it works really well like the other products work! This product is the safer solution to other harsh degreasers used to clean baked-on food and grease. Its non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning power will leave the surface residue-free and give you the peace of mind for the next cookout.

    I must say that I was super impressed with all the products that were sent to me! Every product worked wonderful for me and my house was sparkling in no time! I loved that all the scents did not have a strong smell to them. Instead they smelled wonderful and made you want to keep on cleaning with the great smell! All of these cleaners have great scents!

I recommend Simple Green to you! Simple Green is a great company with many products to choose from!


  BUY IT! Visit Simple Green to see which stores you can purchase these products at!!


Thanks to Simple Green, one of my lucky readers will win the same products I received to review- a full-sized, complete kit of the Simple Green Naturals household cleaning line! Someone is going to be very lucky!


1. Visit Simple Green and tell me which product would be your favorite to try out (1 entry)

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I received products from Simple Green in order to do a honest review. All opinions are soley my own. Others may have different opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for writing this post. Many thanks to Simpe Green for letting me do a review and giveaway of your products!

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